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PleazeMe Face to Face

Jun 11, 2022

Vanessa Campbell was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated from college in 2011 and in 2014 decided to move to the U.S. to start a new life by herself in Florida. In 2020 she began modeling for HABIT magazine and immediately fell in love with them. In 2021 she purchased the magazine company, became their...

Jun 6, 2022

Dr. Presser is an Aussie on a deeply spiritual journey, who's also into the joy and fun of life.

He has a PhD in Materials Engineering and was involved in the IT industry for many years before beginning his spiritual journey in the early 90’s.

He distributes two product ranges globally that have a key role in this...

Feb 2, 2022

Dr. Raghaven is the Chairman and CEO at Nanorx Inc.

He’s an experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry. Dr. Raghaven is skilled in Nano technology, Patent Law, Biotechnology, Drug Development, Drug Discovery, and Licensing and International marketing. He’s a thriving...

Jan 22, 2022

Coralyn Jewel is a world renowned sex coach and the #1 International Best-Selling Author of When the Ice Melts: The Story of Coralyn Jewel. Coralyn portrays courage, determination and is a perfect example that reiterates to her readers, fans, and listeners, “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover”. Coralyn’s history...

Jan 10, 2022

Nobilis Reed is the creator of Nobilis Erotica, the best speculative fiction erotica anthology podcast in the known universe; the host and narrator of This Kaiju Life, the podcast audio diary of an ordinary IT guy at a company that studies giant monsters; and author of the Monster Whisperer series of consentacle novels.